Grambling State (60) vs. Jackson State (71) 02/24/19

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A trip to Jackson, Mississippi should always start with a trip to Brent’s Soda Fountain. This iconic 50’s retro diner was host to a scene from the movie “The Help”.


The standard dish of a burger, fries and a chocolate milk shake immediately wiped out the gains from a brisk 5 mile walk earlier in the day.

As is tradition, I always point out the “firsts” on my journey. This game was the first where the two teams shared the same team name – “Tigers”.

2019-02-23 17.02.44.jpg

The impressive tiger portal was on display as we entered the arena. The closest competitor to this magnificent tiger portal was Maine’s illustrious black bear portal which is pictured on my Maine blog page. It was a nice touch to see the kids dressed up in tiger outfits and doing cheers throughout the game.

2019-02-23 17.27.25.jpg

2019-02-23 17.12.45.jpg

There have been times in my journey where the side events during the game out shadow the game itself. This was the case tonight. I was accompanied by my wife Linda and friends Tony and Chelsea. They were entertained during the game by the students and band. During each time out, a song would come on bringing the students out from the stands into a dance frenzy in the aisles and around the court. The band was loud with dancing drummers and swaying horn players.

2019-02-23 18.21.21.jpg

2019-02-23 18.22.45.jpg

At half time, the entire student body took to the court dancing. We were entranced by the dance moves and the in sync coordination between the students in each line.

2019-02-23 18.19.05.jpg

Both teams were very athletic, making for a quick paced game. The poor foul shooting from both sides told me that these schools recruit fast athletes who can jump but may not be schooled on the fundamentals. I have seen this a few times with smaller schools who opt for exciting play to draw in the fans.

In the course of my journey,  I always try to discern why players with a height advantage are not more well rounded players. My theory is that their impressive physical attributes get them through high school with little effort on the fundamentals of basketball but ill prepares for the next level.

2019-02-23 17.28.00.jpg

How cool was it it to be stopped on the road to make way for the marching band on the street. Another first!

2019-02-23 19.45.49.jpg

2019-02-23 19.32.09.jpg

Next game : Alabama A&M at Alcorn State 02/25/19







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