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My mission is to attend a game at every Division 1 college basketball school in the country. There are currently 362 Division 1 schools with that number surely to change as I proceed with my journey.  However, my “Operation 351” name will always stay at 351. You can see my About page for more information about me and my journey.

I have visited 119 schools to date.

My goal is to visit a campus arena once. If a school plays on campus and at a larger arena off campus, I make it a rule to visit the campus arena unless one does not exist like Georgetown as an example.  I count only regular season games toward my goal excluding pre and post season games.

Please note that some teams have been visited but are not in my blog because I started the blog part of the way along in my journey. These teams are listed here: UConn, Central Connecticut, Hartford, Quinnipiac, Yale, Providence, Brown, Fairfield, UMASS and Army.

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Arkansas vs. Alabama 02/25/2023

Blog Posts by Home Team

Since I visit a campus site only once, you will see one post for each team. The total number of teams in this list plus the ten missing teams from the blog represents the count towards Operation 351. The “lost” games are presented on another page as proof of my attendance: Lost Games

Blog Posts by Team

There may be multiple posts for a team because a team may appear as a visiting team and as a home team. Some of these teams may be Division 2 if they are the away team.