Iona (101) vs. Marist (66) 12/4/2015

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As I drove past FDR’s home and headed towards the Hyde Park Brewery for supper, I recalled last year’s game in Iona when I coincidentally saw Marist as the opponent. Recalling a lopsided game, I was hoping for a more contested game. However, the run and gun game of Iona completely overwhelmed Marist from the opening tip.



I was looking forward also to seeing Schadrac Casimir from Iona play again. He torched Marist last year for 33 points. Tonight, I see him sitting on the bench in street clothes. I never did find out why.

I was very impressed with Jordan Washington of Iona. Sitting 3 rows behind the Iona bench, the man is a specimen at 6’8″ and 255 pounds yet he was whirling dervish (not sure what this cliche means)  on the offensive end hitting some spectacular shots near the the rim.

Marist does a good job with the fan experience with an excellent pep band and an older gentleman singing the Marist pep song before the opening tip. It’s almost like they are apologizing for the team’s shortcomings with an exaggerated lights and noise experience.

Marist does have a beautiful campus which I got to see by parking somewhere 15 minutes north of the gym. Season ticket holders get to park close and other one timers like me park further away using a shuttle. I decided to walk so I could get a glimpse of Marist’s impressive architecture.

The only game excitement of the night was whether IONA would hit 100 points.

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Marist (67) vs. Iona (87) 02/08/2015

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All I know about New Rochelle is that TV Dick Van Dyke lived there. The IONA campus is smack in the middle of a residential area. The crowd was mostly older man and families. I am guessing that IONA basketball it the thing to do in New Rochelle.


IONA had this freshman name Schadrac Casimir. For you CT high school basketball buffs, this is the kid who led Trinity Catholic to the state finals two a years ago and prepped at Kent for a year. He has the face of a cherubic angel standing 5’10″” weighing 155 pounds. He stood in the corner and waited for the ball. When he was passed to, he jacked up a three making 9 of 14 attempts. Up to this game, he was averaging 14.9 ppg.


This arena has the strangest system for reserved seats. The seats in my section do not have numbers. The sections are along the side walls not from the top down. I never did find my seat but sat down in the general area where I thought it was. The two ushers I asked just pointed me in a general area. very confusing!

I thought I saw the ghost of Jeff Ruland in the mens’ room.



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