Wagner (75) vs. Sacred Heart (86) 02/05/2015

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I was asked by the ticket person “Would you like to upgrade to court side seating for an extra $2”. Oh yeah was my response. Court side seats mean you are basically sitting on the court itself just off beyond the sideline. I will always try to get court side seats which is entirely possible when visiting a smaller arena like the William Pitt Center.



Another advantage of sitting this close is the appreciation of how athletic some of these kids were. Seeing a flying dunk at close ground level looks impressive to say the least. You also get an appreciation of the intensity of the athletes in action.

I was going to go with my cousin Mike but unfortunately his wife Tammy came down with the flu. He had to stay home and take care of her. A friend Andy and Mike are two that love sports as much as I do. They have both accompanied to some games.


At the beginning of the game, I hand counted (not including the band and cheerleaders) 78 folks in the stands on this very cold Thursday night. I probably drew from stares from people thinking why would that person pay extra for a game like this. Yes both clubs were having mediocre seasons. But to really experience a game, you need to get as close as possible to hear the players shout instructions, hear the trash talking going on and occasionally hear the referees question calls among themselves.


I saw that one player Noel Long on the Wagner roster who hailed from Waterford CT. I texted my buddy Rick from Waterford to see if he knew him. Yes he replied that they were friends of the entire family. Small world!

Kudos to the Sacred Heart band! Not only did they play loud but they were the only ones in the stands cheering their team on. I was impressed with their numbers.


Review from Stadium Journey: http://www.stadiumjourney.com/stadiums/william-pitt-center-s719