Wake Forest (66) vs. Georgia Tech (71) 02/10/2016

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After the rousing Virgina / Virginia Tech game, I was stoked for another ACC barnburner. I was sadly disappointed by the small and lackluster crowd. I forced myself to cheer for my daughter’s alma mater Wake Forest but there was a noticeable pall in the air.


The GT fans have a very strange ritual. Partway during the game, they suddenly stand and squat up and down to what I think was a fight song. If there is a couple, they alternately do the squat with each other. One goes up and the other goes down. I am all for college traditions but the old folks doing this dance looked very silly.


The arena was big and modern but seemed oversize for the crowd at hand. Georgia Tech did have great teams in the old days led by Mark Price and John Salley but lately their teams have been mediocre to say the least. We ate at the Bullhouse located a couple blocks north of the arena. The place did have many professor-looking like GT fans awaiting the game.


I was impressed with Georgia Tech guard Marcus Georges-Hunt who led all scorers with 30 points. He was a smooth shooter who should be appearing on many projected draft boards.


Kudos to the enthusiastic pep band especially the guy in the first row at the far end. He would let out a blood curling scream with each foul shot by the opposing team.


Wake Forest (61) vs. Boston College (79) 03/07/2015

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We had lunch at Eagles’ Deli before the game. This place is an excellent choice for a burger and fries. The owner came over and chatted with us awhile. I told him his place was noted on the Stadium Journeys site. My buddy Andy gets the Godzilla burger unknowingly that it consisted of two slices of humongous meet. I am proud that he downed it but he did feel the afterwards all afternoon burping up burger.


We also took a walk around the neighborhood noticing the cars buried in snow except for an occasional tail light sticking out.


Conte Forum does have an impressive array of plaques , memorabilia and pictures of past great B.C. athletes and teams. They had more than any other arena I’ve seen.


There was absolutely no student presence in the crowd perhaps indicative a 2PM Saturday start. I compare these crowds to the old Big East battles with UCONN. They are like night and day. I miss those days! I just did not sense the passion in the crowd. Being among the perennial bottom dwellers in the ACC may account for this.


Review from Stadium Journey: http://www.stadiumjourney.com/stadiums/silvio-o.-conte-forum-s700