Dartmouth (47) vs. Princeton (64) 02/24/18

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I nominate the Jadwin Gymnasium at Princeton as the most interesting arena that I have visited to date. I felt like I was walking into Space Mountain at Disney. The basketball court occupies just one piece of this huge structure. The orange seating in contrast to the whiteness of the lights and ceiling made a cool contrast.

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I learned two interesting rules about Ivy League competition from my fellow college BB traveler Greg. I was flipping thru channels on Friday night before my trip to New Jersey on Saturday. I see Princeton playing at home on ESPNU. This was indeed a LIVE game. I immediately panicked and went to check my ticket for Saturday. I verified that Princeton is playing Saturday night as well.

So I learned that the IVY League plays their games on Friday through Sunday. I also learned that the home team on Friday will switch colors (dark/white) for its Saturday home game because there is not enough time to wash the uniforms. Thanks Greg!

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I always search out the Hall of Fame at the older schools. The Hall of Fame area always brings up one of my heroes from the past.  I came across Princeton graduate Bill Bradley who was the unsung hero of the 1969 champion New York Knicks. I can still hear Marv Albert saying “Bradley from the top of the key. YES!!!”

I always take a picture of a mascot statue whenever I see one. Many of statues would stand on their own as museum pieces. I present to you the Princeton Tiger.

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Both Princeton and Dartmouth were out of the running for the top four playoff spots in the Ivy League. It was senior night which is always emotional even if you are not familiar with the players. Princeton dominated the whole game led by Amir Bell of Princeton playing his last game before the Princeton crowd.

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Okay I have to show one more cool statue in the lobby.2018-02-24 18.46.53.jpg

From the Princeton web site:

“The life-size bronze statue, depicting an under~graduate in football uniform, an academic gown slung over his shoulder, a pile of books in his left arm, was a memorial likeness of W. Earl Dodge 1879, leader of a group of students who formed the Intercollegiate Y.M.C.A. in 1876 in nearby East College. Remembered by his classmates as “79’s great hero of college days,” captain of the championship football team, president of the student religious organization, the Philadelphian Society, an honor student who graduated near the top of his class, Earl Dodge died suddenly at the age of twenty-five. “The statue was given by his brother Cleveland H. Dodge 1879.

Rest in peace W. Earl Dodge.

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Next game: Iona at Rider 02/25/18





Hartford (65) vs. Dartmouth (74) 12/5/2015

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A shout out to my friend Andy who accompanied me to Hanover, New Hampshire (about a 2 1/2 hour ride from Connecticut). He is crazy about sports like me. Two wild and crazy guys spending a Saturday afternoon somewhere in God’s country watching college basketball. It doesn’t get any better than that.

It has been a recurring pattern that I have absolutely no problem getting to the campus but once I am there, finding the arena is a challenge. Sometimes the arena is not on the map but the whole fitness facility center is. Sometimes the arena is nowhere near the entrance where you first came in. I can always judge the popularity of the men’s basketball program by the answers I get asking where is the basketball arena. Today, I got three wrong answers by students and adults walking in the campus. Can you imagine anyone on Storrs (UCONN) not knowing where Gampel is?

The result today was a shock to me. Seeing last night Marist being demolished last night by Iona and seeing that Marist had beat Dartmouth earlier this season, I would have imagined an easy win for Hartford. WRONG!

Dartmouth had too much height inside. Ivy league seniors are the ones that always step up with the big plays. Kudos to Dartmouth seniors Brandon McDonnell and Connor Boehm with yeoman’s work on the boards. Hartford could not match up physically with Big Green. I don’t think Dartmouth is on the same level as Yale or Columbia but they will make some noise this year.

Did you know that Dartmouth has been to the final four twice?

Stadium Journey: http://www.stadiumjourney.com/stadiums/edward-leede-arena-s712